Free Patterns

Oh I see, you’re just here for the free patterns.
No worries, I understand. And I’ve got several available for you!

Please take the time to send me a quick email if you’ve used one of my patterns. I’d love to link back to your site!

Also please email me if you have any trouble reading said patterns, I’ll try to create a more high-rez image of them.

Lord Helix РPokémon
PDF Version

Alexandria vs BahamutAlexandria PatternAlexandria Color Palette
Alexandria vs Bahamut – Final Fantasy IX
PDF version
This pattern is NOT for the faint of heart.

Ode to Spot - Star TrekOde to Spot - Pattern
Ode to Spot – Star Trek
PDF version

Wolverine & Daken - XmenWolverine & Daken - Pattern
Wolverine & Daken – Xmen
PDF version
Blixthand over on the sprite stitch forums completed this stitch, too! Check it out.


Sora - Kingdom Heartssorapatt
Sora – Kingdom Hearts
PDF version

Hogwarts Biscornu - Harry Potterhogbiscornupatt
Hogwarts Biscornu – Harry Potter
PDF version
See the how-to guides for information on how to make this pattern into a biscornu.
Check out this pattern completed on white by Topcho.

Cucoo - Legend of ZeldaCucoo - Pattern
Cucoo – Legend of Zelda

Succubus - DisgaeaSuccubus - Pattern
Succubus – Disgaea

Chrono TriggerChrono Trigger - Pattern
Chrono Trigger Lineup
PDF version

Wolverine - XmenWolverine - Pattern
Wolverine – Xmen
PDF version

Minecraft Cake
PDF version
Shown stitched on plastic canvas.

Elder Sign
PDF version