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Hello! I haven’t disappeared entirely, but things HAVE changed.

First, I’ve relaunched my etsy store under a new name. If you were interested in any of the Cross-stitch patterns I had for sale before, they’re now available again.
My Sakuya stitch is (finally) almost done, and that pattern will be added shortly as well.
I’ll also be adding a few random stitched pieces as time progresses.

I’ve also started taking commissions, primarily focused on Twitch.TV channel emotes, as I’ve had a lot of demand for them.
More information can be found here:
Twitch emotes

As such, focus has turned to my Twitch Stream. I stream my commissions live on Twitch, and you can usually catch my stream from 10pm-2am Pacific.

I’ve recently redone my streaming website. You can find out more information about my stream here:

Lastly, I finally updated this website with a few of the projects I’ve been working on. Check them out under the ‘Cross Stitch’ category at the top of this site! :)