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I’m still alive!


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Yeah, I haven’t posted anything new in a while. I’m sorry.

1) I’ve kinda burnt out on stitching for a bit. Though I do work on it occasionally, progress is slow. That being said, here’s an update on Magic Witch.

Magic Witch

Yeah. I’ve basically just done that block of blue in the upper right since the end of May. Fail.

2) You’ll notice the last time I posted was just before Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out. There’s a reason for that. It’s taken over my life. I even started This Tumblr where I post about my town, AND am making a catalog of all the customizable furniture in game. O.o Which if you know Animal Crossing, is a HUGE project. So that’s been taking up a fair amount of my time.


3) I HAVE been working on new patterns, they’re all just in various stages of completion. Here’s some sneak peeks at some unfinished patterns:


Exciting, I know! Bet you can’t guess what this is going to be. >.>

This is what my patterns look like as I’m designing them. Basically pixel art! ┬áThis guy obviously still needs a lot of shading, but definitely some progress, eh?

But rest assured, I’m still alive and kicking! :)