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So, I haven’t been doing much updating, have I? Well that’s mainly due to the fact I haven’t    finished anything recently.

I did start designing a new pattern. Princess Zelda is coming along quite nicely, and will eventually be available for you to give it a go as well. Just have to finish stitching up her skirt.

I’ve gotten sidetracked with working on two projects I literally haven’t touched in over 4 years. Figured it was time to at least make some progress on them.Two weeks of stitching took my Rainforest Fairy from a headless torso to a more respectable fairy:

rainforest 031013
And three more days working on Magic Witch took this random smattering of stitches to a cat on a hat:


Both from patterns available at

Once I finish this page on Magic Witch, I’ll finish up Zelda and then see what other nerdy patterns I can think up. Have a suggestion/request? E-mail me!