Biscornu How-To

Enjoy creating your own, unique ornaments?
Know how to cross stitch? Want to learn how to make an ornament out of any cross stitch pattern? Perfect! For those of you who don’t cross stitch, or simply don’t have the time to cross stitch too many patterns, you could simply sew two colorfully patterned pieces of cloth together in much the same fashion. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be well on your way to covering your home with handmade ornaments, just in time for the holidays! Now, you can make these ornaments with any cross stitch pattern, but for your convenience I’ve provided one for you today, which I’ll be using for my example. It was designed by me specifically for this project, so I hope you enjoy it!


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Ah, house unity. Remember, Hogwarts wouldn’t be the same without all four houses. (But Slytherin is, of course, the best.)Anyway, once you’ve stitched up your cloth, backstitch a square around your design. If you’re using this example, Your square should be about 87×87. This is to leave about a 5 square gap on all sides of the pattern between the swirls and the backstitched square. You should then trim your cloth to about an inch from your square. I stitched this on 28 count evenweave, so the pattern itself is only about 3 inches wide. Yours may vary depending on what kind of cloth you used. Now you’ll need a second square of the exact same size. You can stitch the same pattern or another pattern on this side as well, or you can simply leave it blank.

Biscornu - Step 1 Biscornu - Step 2

Once you’ve got two squares, you’re going to stitch the two together. Take the corner of one square, and sew through the backstitching to the middle of one of the other square’s sides. (Or, middle+1, if your square has an odd number of stitches, like the one in my example) This is kind of hard to explain, so I’ve included pictures. You should then proceed to stitch all the way around the two squares. You should not be stitching into the fabric itself, only through the backstitching. Be careful to tuck in the edges, and take extra cautions around corners. Note that you now have 8 sides, rather than 4.

Biscornu - Step 3

Before you stitch up the last two sides, you should fill the ornament with some cotton stuffing. If you’d like, you can also add potpourri to make it smell nice. As you’re stitching up the final sides, you may choose to sew in a loop of ribbon or some braided thread to have something to hang the ornament with. This is entirely up to you. Once you’ve sewn the last side up, you should re-thread your needle. You’re not quite done! Make a single x stitch through the center of both pieces of fabric. In the case of this pattern, it would coincide with the middle stitch on the small ‘H.’

Biscornu - Step 4

If you’ve stitched on both sides, it shouldn’t be noticeable. If you haven’t, you might consider sewing a button or charm onto it to cover it up. You could even put buttons on both sides, depending on your pattern! Again, this is up to you. Be creative! Whatever you decide to do, you’ve now completed your ornament, and it should look something like this:

Biscornu - Step 5

Check out this pattern completed on white by Topcho.